Don’t Allow Your Travel & Business Expenses to Fly Away!

Capture Your Travel and Business Expenses Easier and Faster!

In addition to procurement transactions, travel and business expenses are another notoriously high component of the overall costs in your business, with a wide-variety of spending choices available to your Employees, making it harder to manage costs, cash flow, and the bottom line. Furthermore, managing these travel and expense processes manually costs your company hours of unnecessary work while a single error can become a financial nightmare.

The ivi Travel and Business Expense Management Solution drives real savings to your bottom-line by streamlining, digitalising, and automating your Travel and Business Expense processes, and eliminating the manual hours and errors that slow you down and cost you more money.

Control Your Travel and Business Expense Spend!
The ivi Travel and Business Expense Management Solution provides you with 100% visibility on every detail of every transaction so that you can review every digit of data to ensure control and compliance over every dollar spent. Leveraging on your travel and business expense data means effective GST and VAT recovery, corporate income tax compliance, and new levels of control and savings for your business.

Improve Employee Morale and Motivation!
Streamlined, digitalised, and automated Travel and Business Expense processing means Employee claims are approved quicker, their reimbursement is processed earlier, and their morale and motivation is much higher, with a more simplified and effective claim process that eliminates frustrating paperwork.

Easy and Simple Integration!
The ivi Travel and Business Expense Management Solution brings your travel, business expense, and ERP or Finance System data together with easy and simple integration providing you with the full picture of your finances and greater control of the data and dollars flowing through your business, so you can ensure a profitable bottom line.

Travel and Expense Management Solution Benefits!

  • Integrate travel and business expense management to control spending before money is committed!
  • Improve Employee morale, motivation, and satisfaction!
  • Simple reporting, eliminate paperwork and hassle, and speed up reimbursement!
  • Expedite travel plan approval and maximize early booking discounts!
  • Manage expenses on-the-go anywhere, anytime!
  • Categorise costs accurately so that they can be allocated to different cost centre, projects, and departments!
  • Avoid errors and minimise time-consuming error-handling due to system rules and settings for per diems, allowances, and vehicle usage costs!
  • Integrate company policies; local rules, regulations, and legislation; and agreements!
  • Prevent fraud and rogue spending, and ensure all travel and business expenses are under management!
  • Allow Employees to benefit from easy self-service and accurate reimbursement!