The integration of ivi in the TRAFFIQX network enables you to exchange business documents with over 300,000 (and growing!) connected corporations immediately.

Network Provider

  • Independent portal provider.
  • Same technological basis.
  • Cross-industry expert know-how.
  • Future security.

TRAFFIQX Technologies

  • Common business process documents.
  • All important delivery channels.
  • More than 300 data formats.
  • All document types.

Value-Added Services

  • Cost-optimized letter mailing.
  • Centralized inbox processing.
  • Supplier and customer binding.

Network Member

  • For all business sectors and sizes.
  • More than 300.000 companies and institutions.
  • International.
  • No interference in the IT infrastructure. 


  • VeR-Roaming.
  • EU-wide Business2Government.
  • EDI-Platforms.
  • Value Added Networks.


  • Legal security.
  • Data security.
  • Fail safety.
  • Secured delivery

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