Free Yourself From Mountains of Paperwork
with Scan & Invoice Data Capture!

Take the Robot Out of Your Employees!

Even in a digitalised economy, there is a long tail of low volume Suppliers who insist on sending paper invoices to you. Processing these paper invoices is time-consuming and bears the risk of erroneous data input, resulting in high post-processing costs.

Let your Suppliers send paper invoices to an ivi PO Box and ivi will process all of your paper invoices for you, speeding up your process and improving Employee motivation and morale by freeing them from monotonous, tedious, and repetitive work. With ivi handling your Paper Supplier Invoices, you can focus on high leveraged strategic tasks that contribute true value to your business growth and success.

Manual capturing of Paper Supplier Invoices is prone to errors that easily infiltrate your accounting system. ivi scans and captures the data from Paper Supplier Invoices with a guaranteed accuracy rate of up to 99.99%, increasing your agility with validated and enriched data cross-referenced against pre-set rules, before passing it directly through to your ERP or Finance system.

With ivi’s Scan and Invoice Data Capture Solution, we will speed up your process and help you to capture early payment discounts instead of paying late payment fees.

Scan and Invoice Data Capture Benefits!

  • A managed service with guaranteed quality and on-time delivery!
  • Saves you time, money, and inconvenience!
  • No investment requireded; ivi scans the Supplier Invoices with the latest, technologically advanced equipment!
  • ivi performs the data capturing and validation as the exception handling for you!
  • ivi converts the Supplier Invoice in the required document and data format, and uploads it into your workflow along with a scanned invoice image!