Save the Environment & Never Print a Paper
Invoice Again with PDF e-Invoice Receiving!

Your Suppliers Send PDF Invoices – We Give You 100% Data!

If your email inbox is overflowing with PDF Supplier Invoices that require printing out or manually keying-in to your ERP or Finance System, then ivi will automatically convert the document into an e-Invoice structure (without the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR)) and capture the 100% data for you, using the patented ivi e-Invoicing Solution Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology.

Cut costs and reduce your overheads by receiving higher quality and more accurate data than with traditional scanning methods and achieve straight through Supplier Invoice processing by receiving validated and enriched e-Invoice data structure into your Accounts Payable (AP) environment.

PDF e-Invoice Receiving Solution Benefits!

  • PDF Supplier Invoices are sent via ivi and we digitally convert them into electronic invoices for you!
  • No need to wait for Suppliers to be on-boarded to the ivi Network!
  • Barriers to Supplier adoption are removed as it is easy and simple to connect!
  • Cash flow forecasting is improved as Supplier Invoices are processed quicker!
  • Costs are dramatically cut and money saved by eradicating the manual input of data!
  • Capture early and on-time payment discounts thanks to expedited Supplier Invoice processing!