ivi’s e-Invoicing Solution leads to benefits in various business areas:

Cost Reduction
Moving from paper to electronic invoices eliminates or reduces several costs to businesses, such as invoice transportation, manpower costs, and archiving. It also improves accuracy, saving error correction costs.

Faster Payment
Faster payment cycles via improved verification and validation: e-Invoicing can accelerate invoice processing times by mandating that “required fields of information” are completed before e-Invoices are sent. This allows validation to be speedily completed and payment to be released. With further application of rule-based processing (including artificial intelligence), human intervention is reduced and processes are accelerated.

Access to New Financing Options
e-Invoicing allows accurate and real time visibility of the status of payment cycles, enabling more efficient cash flow management for business sustainability and growth planning. e-Invoicing also has the potential to enable supply-chain financing in near-real-time, facilitating greater efficiency and transparency that could increase working capital and liquidity.

Leveraging Data Analytics
Businesses that migrate to e-Invoices can use data analytics to help identify potential fraud or human errors, with AI-enabled solutions further enhancing such activities and extending benefits across large volumes of transactions quickly.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Benefits
e-invoicing also has the potential for wider B2B ecosystem benefits. such as the development of new services including advanced accounting solutions with its ecosystem multiplier effect.

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