Optimise Your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Process with e-Procurement!

Seamless & Frictionless Integration With Your Existing ERP or Finance System!

The ivi e-Procurement Solution optimises your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Process by providing the seamless and frictionless integration into your existing ERP or Finance System while expanding the functionality of this system and streamlining your operations.

With a simple and easy single connection to the ivi e-Procurement Solution, you can connect, communicate, and purchase from your Supplier ecosystem globally. The ivi e-Procurement Solution automatically digitalises, converts, and validates your communications to the preferred data and document formats and transmission channels of your Suppliers, ensuring data quality and end-to-end operational excellence.

Save Time & Money With Streamlined Purchase Order (PO) Processing!
The ivi e-Procurement Solution eliminates the need for phone calls, emails, faxes, and traditional postal mail from your P2P Process, where you can create more accurate Invoices in minutes, not days, saving you and your Suppliers time and money.

By uploading and updating PO’s on the ivi Network via a single click of the mouse, Suppliers are informed of the uploaded PO automatically, so they can immediately view them directly on the ivi Network or their own ERP or Finance System.

Eliminate Bottle-Necks & Error-Handling!
You will experience fewer blocked Supplier Invoices, late orders, and late payments as Suppliers accept, reject, or request changes with a simple click of the mouse, resulting in faster Supplier Invoices and fewer rejections by giving your Suppliers simple, instant invoice creation with auto-populated PO data.

For added financial security and fraud prevention, each Supplier Invoice is automatically validated and checked against business rules, local regulatory standards, and PO data.

The ivi Network for International Operations!
The ivi Network is designed for global interoperability across any business network and infrastructure while our connectivity with hubs and infrastructure such as the Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) ensure you have access to all of your Suppliers, both now and in the future.

Connecting the Way You Want!
The ivi e-Procurement Solution provides multiple different modes of connectivity where you can integrate your existing ERP, Finance System, or IT infrastructure, quick and easy and with full flexibility.

e-Archiving for Audit Trail & Compliance Plus Data Analytics!
The ivi e-Procurement Solution’s e-Archiving functionality ensures you have 24/7 access to your procurement history, providing a complete internal audit trail. With Search Functionality and various storage options, you obtain better governance and control over your spending. The ivi e-Procurement Solution Compliance Functionality means all your transactions are safely e-archived and managed according to local regulatory requirements. Combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning enabled valued-added Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions you can analyse your previous procurement behaviour, improve procurement performance, and make better and more strategic business decisions.

Supplier On-Boarding & Engagement!
ivi has extensive expertise and experience to effectively engage your Suppliers and connect them quickly and efficiently to the ivi e-Procurement Solution. We offer your Suppliers multiple connection options to suit all digital and non-digital capabilities. No matter the Supplier’s internal processes, technological capabilities, or company size, we ensure you can handle all documents electronically through a single channel.

e-Procurement Solution Benefits for Buyers!

  • Dramatically expedite payment cycles with accelerated distribution, acknowledgement, review, and approval!
  • Eradicate errors from manual entry of PO data, and achieve first-time matching success rates between PO’s and Supplier Invoices!
  • Ensure authentication and regulatory compliance when all Supplier Invoices are automatically cross-referenced against business rules, regulatory standards, and PO data!
  • Overcome delays and prevent late orders caused by rejected Supplier Invoices by addressing errors automatically in minutes, not days!

e-Procurement Solution Benefits for Suppliers!

  • Dramatically expedite Supplier Invoice creation by automatically propagating data from PO’s to Supplier Invoices instantly with no manual data entry required!
  • Decrease back-and-forth inquiries and eliminate the need to contact Customers via phone, email, or fax!
  • Streamline the approval process via “one-click” acceptance, rejection, or revision of PO’s!
  • Receive payment on time, all of the time, eliminating late payments caused by rejected Supplier Invoices!