Sending Customer Invoices & Getting Paid Faster is
Easy with e-Invoicing for Suppliers!

Send All Your Customer Invoices Electronically and Guarantee Delivery From Day 1!

It’s a common problem; sending Paper Customer Invoices is a manually-intensive and tedious process with high costs, low efficiency, and frequent mistakes and delays, which cause process bottlenecks and late payments.

ivi is digitally transforming Suppliers all around the world by allowing you to go paper free, guaranteeing delivery of your Customer Invoices, expediting payment cycles, and saving massive amounts of time and money, with a reduction of between 40 to 60% on Customer Invoicing administration costs.

Guaranteed Customer Invoice Delivery and Faster Delivery!
With ivi, you can send Customer Invoices electronically no matter what document and data format your current Customer Invoices are in, and know when they’ve been received. We will process, translate, enrich, and validate the data before delivering your Customer Invoice directly to your Buyers in any country around the world.

All your Customer Invoices are digitally signed, encrypted, and e-Archived within the ivi Network to meet local regulatory requirements, where you can access them anytime, and automatically convert them into the document and data formats preferred by your Customers.

Increase Visibility, Oversight, and Control Over Your Accounts Receivable (AR)!
From confirmation of receipt to receiving payment, ivi provides you with full Customer Invoice tracking and visibility so that you can waste no time on delivery and handling, get paid faster, improve your cash flow, stop the stressful chasing of payments, and negotiate better financing options. Furthermore, compliance is ensured as Customer Invoices are automatically converted to meet local GST / VAT requirements.

e-Invoice Sending

Automatically convert invoices into the document and data format that is required by your Customers.

PDF e-Invoice Sending

Go paper free, guarantee delivery of your Customer Invoices, expedite payment cycles, and save massive amounts of time and money.


Always ensure your documents are in the right place at the right time and stored as per local rules and regulations.