Go Paperless & Touchless with 100% Data from Day
1 with e-Invoicing for Buyers!

Massively Cut Your Supplier Invoice Processing Costs With e-Invoice Receiving!

ivi’s e-Invoice Receiving Solutions are the industry-leader in Accounts Payable (AP) Automation enabling you to save up to 60% on Supplier Invoice Processing Costs, eradicate time-wasting paper, minimize human-error and exception-handling, increase efficiency, and dedicate more time to strategic activities to grow your business.

Digitally transform your AP Department from a cost centre to a profit centre by automating your Supplier Invoice processing, dramatically reducing workloads, and negotiating Supplier discounts for early payment programs.

Everything You Need to Digitally Connect Your Suppliers!
ivi will personally engage with each and every one of your Suppliers and effectively onboard them to develop their e-Invoicing programs. The ivi e-Invoicing Solution is simple for your Suppliers to use with no significant investment in hardware infrastructure, software, or revisions to their existing processes. Your Suppliers will be able to check their invoice status online encouraging a self-service model which reduces calls and emails to you by 60%, dramatically increasing productivity, and cutting costs.

Your Supplier Invoice Data is Validated, Enriched, Compliant, and e-Archived!
The ivi e-Invoice Receiving Solution translates, validates, and enriches each Supplier Invoice allowing you easy connectivity as you exchange invoice data with Suppliers in any document and data format and through any transmission channel, while ensuring compliance with local rules and regulations.

All your Supplier Invoices are digitally signed, encrypted, and securely e-archived within the ivi Network where you can access them at any time. Even use the ivi e Invoicing Solution to send Purchase Orders (PO’s) quickly and accurately and access real-time, line-item level Supplier Invoice data to obtain actional spend analytics insights.

e-Invoice Receiving

Go paperless, touchless, and completely electronic from day 1 by receiving 100% e-invoices directly into your ERP or Finance System.

PDF e-Invoice Receiving

Automatically convert PDF Supplier Invoices into an e-Invoice structure (without using OCR) and capture 100% data.

Dynamic Discounting

Buyers and Suppliers collaborate to optimize their financing of products and services; and increase their profit and cash flow.

Paper Invoice Receiving

Digitalize and automate your Paper Supplier Invoices in 40 different languages, including Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean.

Scan Invoice Data Capture

Speed up your process and improve Employee motivation and morale by freeing them from monotonous, tedious, and repetitive work.

Scan Cloud Capture

Remove the need for manual keying and capture Paper Supplier Invoice information easily by yourself.