Digitalise, Automate, & Streamline Your
Accounts Receivable (AR) with e-Invoice Sending!

Send 100% Electronic Invoices From Day 1!

It’s a highly familiar and common problem, sending Paper Customer Invoices is a manually intensive process with high costs and low efficiency. Mistakes and delays are rife, causing bottlenecks in your workflow and late payments. This is why so many companies and government organizations have implemented the ivi e-Invoice Sending Solution.

ivi digitalizes, automates, and streamlines your Accounts Receivable (AR) process by automatically converting invoices into the document and data format that is required by your Customer, guaranteeing fast and efficient Customer Invoice delivery, which cuts your processing costs while allowing you to receive payment quicker. 

Increase Visibility, Control, and Compliance Over Your Accounts Receivable (AR)!
The automated ivi e-Invoice Sending Solution gives you better oversight, added visibility, and control over your AR, while most importantly, speeding up the process of receiving payment.

The ivi e-Invoice Sending Solution digitally connects you with your Customers both locally and globally, and automatically converts your Customer Invoices while you focus on more strategic tasks to grow your business.

Companies trading internationally or with Customers based in countries all around the world can utilize the single ivi e-Invoice Sending Solution which is compatible to all of the relevant markets with integrated GST / VAT compliance support.

e-Invoice Sending (Suppliers) Solution Benefits!

  • Receive payment faster!
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency!
  • Increase visibility and control by tracking Customer Invoice status and quickly identifying potential issues!
  • Automatic conversion into the document and data formats, and transmission channels your Customers prefer!
  • Expand globally with guaranteed compliance for country-specific GST / VAT regulations!