Digitalise, Automate, & Streamline Your Accounts
Payable (AP) with e-Invoice Receiving!

Go 100% Electronic From Day 1!

Go paperless, touchless, and completely electronic from day 1 by receiving 100% e invoices directly into your ERP or Finance System from all your Suppliers. Dramatically cut your Accounts Payable (AP) process costs by more than 50% as you eliminate paper and resource-intensive manual business processes, while increasing efficiency, saving time, and positively impacting your bottom line as you improve working capital and cash-flow, as well as capturing early payment discounts due to reduced Supplier Invoice processing times.

Improve Your Supplier Invoice Data Accuracy!
Minimize human-errors, exception handling, and dispute management including the re-keying of information, and prevent mistakes from contaminating your workflow by processing only enriched, validated, and 100% accurate Supplier Invoice data.

e-Invoice Receiving Solution Benefits!

  • Invoices from anywhere around the world can be digitalised, automated, and processed efficiently when your Supplier is on the ivi Network!
  • All document and data format conversions, data enrichment and validation, and GST / VAT compliance are all taken care of for you!
  • ivi provides multi-country and multi-language support!
  • You will have access to the ivi Network which is the largest network of Buyers and Suppliers in the world!