Audit-Ready Automatic & Safe e-Archiving Solution!

Archive, Search, and Access Your Documents Easily!

Stop searching long and hard through mountains of paper and automate the storing of your Customer Invoice documents utilizing the ivi e-Archiving Solution. Let ivi always ensure your documents are in the right place at the right time and stored as per local rules and regulations. You can search, identify, and retrieve your Customer Invoices simply and easily whenever you or the tax auditors need them.

Digitalize and Centralize your Document Archiving and Fulfil Local Requirements!
Eliminate the need to collate paperwork, move documents from one location to another, or manually check filings by digitally and securely e-Archiving all your Customer Invoices electronically in a central depository. You will save real estate costs by removing large filing systems, you will save time by having easy access to any document you need, and you will always be compliant as the ivi e-Archiving Solution supports the local archiving rules and regulations of all major countries.

Protect and Save Your Data!
Protect and save your data in the ivi e-Archiving Solution which is based on the latest technology and digital electronic signatures. All data is stored un-alterable and non erasable in order to protect your data and ensure compliance with local rules and regulations.

e-Archiving Solution Benefits!

  • Compliance with legal e-Archiving requirements and GST / VAT regulations in over 35 major countries!
  • Set-up multiple e-Archives that meet the specific requirements of different countries or business units!
  • Automatically manage data integrity, data authenticity, data storage location, and retention periods!
  • Get an enterprise-level solution that supports your processes worldwide!
  • Improve controls, optimize e-Archiving processes, and centralize document management to ensure smooth data storage!