Increase Profits & Cash Flow for Buyers & Suppliers
with Dynamic Discounting!

Why Dynamic Discounting?

Dynamic discounting is a voluntary system where the Buyer offers the Supplier an early payment discount providing a win-win situation for the Buyer and the Supplier. On the ivi Network, Buyers and Suppliers collaborate to optimize their financing of products and services, increasing profit and cash flow for both, as the Supplier receives payment earlier while the Buyer obtains a discount.

A Win-Win for Suppliers and Buyers!
Dynamic Discounting is an efficient way to optimize cash flow by revising the standard terms of payment in a highly flexible, real-time environment. Offer your Supplier a significantly higher discount for paying some or all of their invoices well in-advance of the due date or a smaller discount for paying invoices as the payable ages closer to the standard due date. Depending on liquidity needs, borrowing costs, and other factors, the Supplier can select one or more invoices in the ivi Network and ask for early payment while other invoices go through the normal payment process.

Dynamic Discounts are cost-effective and advantageous for the Buyer and the Supplier, as they enable both parties to collaborate, carry out transactions, and generate significant benefits via the ivi Network.

6-Steps to Better Cash Flow and Profit!

  1. Supplier submits invoice for payment via the ivi-Network.
  2. Payment status appears in the Supplier Portal.
  3. Buyer offers discount for early payment.
  4. Supplier views and accepts early payment offers on the Supplier Portal.
  5. Supplier Portal automatically notifies Buyer.
  6. Buyer pays via electronic payment.

Dynamic Discounting Solution Benefits!

  • Dynamic Discounting brings enormous advantages. The Buyer can realize significant savings and at the same time offer interesting financial incentives to the Supplier in the form of early payments against cash discounts on liabilities due later!
  • These programs are a win-win situation for Buyers and Suppliers!
  • Buyers can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of paying less for products and services through ivi’s aggressive discounting program!
  • The money invested in a Dynamic Discounting program generate a sizeable and immediate Return On Investment (ROI)!
  • Suppliers can optimize their cash flow, reduce high borrowing costs, and have predictability in the payment cycles!

How it works?

Our comprehensive service guarantees simple and fast implementation.

For Buyers

Receive an additional Dynamic Discounting for each earlier payment of an invoice by adding free liquidity to your supply chain.

For Suppliers

Receive immediate liquidity from your customers. Reduce outstanding accounts and financing costs.