Data Analytics & Reporting Solutions that Drive Smart Business Decisions!

Transform Your Procurement Data into Actionable Business Intelligence!

The ivi Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Solutions Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning enabled and  valued-added Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions gives you powerful insights into 100% of your financial data, providing exciting opportunities for cost savings and growth! By capturing and measuring all transaction documents at both header and line-level, the ivi P2P Solutions allow you to view all of your financial activities across multiple accounts and companies with Data Analytics Dashboards and Customisable Reports.

Most companies attempt to capture procurement data at the Purchase Request (PR) stage, however this requires the complex reorganization of internal processes and the constant follow-up of Employees to enforce compliance while only capturing on average, 25% of actual procurement data.

With the ivi Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions, the complex reorganization or implementation of internal processes is completely eliminated. With the implementation of the ivi AP Automation Solution, we will on-board your Suppliers and automate your payments meaning that from Day 1 you have 100% visibility on your procurement spend. This includes Direct or Indirect Costs, On or Off Purchase Order (PO) payments, On or Off Contract payments, recurring payments, utilities, expenses, and much more.

Empower Smart Decision-Making!
ivi Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions will empower you to diagnose and resolve process bottlenecks, improve efficiency, control procurement spending, and prevent fraudulent transactions, while more accurately forecasting cash flow, optimizing working capital, minimizing risk, and visualizing the future.

Easy to analyse, interpret, and utilize data via Analytics Dashboards and Customisable Reports, can allow for the checking of the real-time status of your transactions; the identification of procurement patterns according to products, services, and Suppliers; and the analysis of procurement behaviour across multiple

Obtain Powerful Insights into Your Financial Data!
Regardless of your ERP or Finance System and existing formats or processes, our customized, easy to use Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions, mean that you can create accurate and detailed reports that meet your specific needs.

Whether you want to verify the validity and authenticity of your invoices against the contracted Supplier, price, and products, or be alerted to contract variations as they occur and create automated business rules related to discrepancy management to reduce cycle time and error-handling, you can create scheduled reports and receive notifications via email or generate real-time reports when required.

By obtaining these immediate insights into your P2P Process metrics, Suppliers, spend, and payments, you can accurately forecast cash flow and plan for the future, leverage actionable insights to track effectiveness, and utilise predictive analytics to identify how potential decisions could impact the business and cash flow.

Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions Benefits for Accounts Payables!

  • Improve efficiency by monitoring Supplier Invoice processing times!
  • Identify opportunities to reduce errors and deviation handling!
  • Capture early and on-time payment discounts by removing process bottlenecks!
  • Predict Supplier Invoices at a high risk of being paid late!
  • Mitigate risk and minimize fraud!
  • Ensure all procurement including PO, Non-PO, direct, and indirect is under management in one central depository!

Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions Benefits for Procurement!

  • Ensure 100% visibility on on-budget, on-contract, and unauthorised procurement across the organization!
  • Obtain powerful insights by procurement category, Supplier, location, or department!
  • Identify opportunities to expedite approvals and PO fulfilment!
  • Improve your Supplier performance and effectively manage the volume of Suppliers!
  • Analyse data to support strategic sourcing!

Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions Benefits for Management!

  • Obtain both in-depth insight and governance into all levels of your organization with Data Analytics!
  • Achieve more accurate forecasting with predictive insights providing optimization and cost-saving opportunities!
  • Compare companies, countries, and departments for a micro view of the organization!
  • See role-based dashboards and drill-down into root-cause analysis!
  • Generate real-time and ad-hoc reporting when required!
  • Provide insights across the entire business to facilitate strategic planning!