Accounts Payable (AP) Automation for Paperless
& Touchless Operations from Day 1!

Receive All Supplier Invoices Electronically!

Streamline, digitalise, and automate your Accounts Payable (AP) Processes by receiving all your Supplier Invoices electronically through the ivi Network. This will ensure 100% data accuracy and minimise error-handling, regardless of your Supplier’s internal processes, technological capabilities, and company size.

The ivi AP Automation Solution’s workflow-agnostic platform integrates seamlessly into existing ERP and Financial System Workflows or third-party approval systems, ensuring only 100% accurate data is processed, eliminating the need for data quality tools and dramatically reducing payment cycle times.

Automate Supplier Invoice Processing & Go Paperless from Day 1!
Moving to the ivi AP Automation Solution eliminates paper and manual processes meaning your business moves at lightning speed where you work smarter and more efficiently by reducing high operating costs, stopping the payment of  late fees, and capturing early and on-time payment discounts.

Digitally Transform Your Business from Manual to Touchless!
The ivi AP Automation Solution provides straight-through processing of both Purchase Order (PO) and non-Purchase Order (PO) Supplier Invoices directly into your ERP or Finance System, allowing you to eliminate tedious and repetitive manual data-entry tasks, reduce transactional costs, and optimize Supplier Invoice processing.

Stop Wasting Time & Money!
Receiving Supplier Invoices directly into your ERP or Finance System allows you to expedite their processing, take maximum advantage of early payment discount capturing, and reduce enquiries from Suppliers by providing payment status as a self service so that you can address exceptions only.

Data Authentication for Minimized Error-Management!
For greater control over your AP operations, the ivi AP Automation Solution Data Authentication functionality ensures the accuracy of Supplier Invoices before data is propagated into your ERP or Finance System for processing. This means only Supplier Invoices with 100% correct data are processed, minimizing error-handling, ensuring fraud-detection, and saving you both time and money.

Data Enhancement & Processing Rules!
Whether processing invoices from Suppliers with various technological capabilities or operating across countries with diverse and changing data requirements, the ivi AP Automation Solution Data Enhancement functionality eliminates unnecessary manual data correction and entry, while automated Business Rules and Settings can be established to standardise data and create approval procedures for specific users which dramatically reduces invoice processing times and errors.

Legal Compliance With Total Transparency!
The legal and compliance landscape for the exchange of transactional documents between Buyers and Suppliers is changing at a rapid pace. The ivi AP Automation Solution Compliance Functionality ensures that your business fulfils all local regulatory requirements in the markets where you conduct business while providing you with total internal transparency. Our additional Value-Added Solutions including e-Archive and Digital Signature further enhance the legal and compliance functionality of your ERP or Finance System.

Data Analytics & Reporting!
Take advantage of the 100% accurate data captured by the ivi AP Automation Solution by implementing our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning enabled valued-added Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions. By capturing and measuring all transaction documents at both header and line-level, the ivi AP Automation Solution allows you to view all of your financial activities across multiple accounts and companies with Data Analytics Dashboards and Customisable Reports.

Supplier On-Boarding & Migration!
ivi has extensive expertise and experience to effectively engage your Suppliers and connect them quickly and efficiently to the ivi AP Automation Solution. ivi liaises closely with you to analyse and evaluate your Supplier ecosystem and formulate the most effective on-boarding strategy incorporating a variety of proven methods including Personal Invitations, Automated Invitations, and the design and development of Client-branded Micro-Sites. No matter the Supplier’s internal processes, technological capabilities, or company size, ivi will ensure a successful on boarding process so that you achieve a Return on Investment (ROI) from Day 1.

Analogue Supplier Invoice Processing!
The ivi AP Automation Solution allows your analogue Suppliers without any digital capabilities to take the first step in the digital transformation of their businesses by immediately converting to sending e-Invoices to you. Alternatively, our enterprise level Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanning and Data Capture Solution, together with our 4-Eye Quality Control (QC) Production Line can convert all Paper Supplier Invoices and enter them directly into your existing ERP or Finance System.

AP Automation Solution Benefits!

  • Obtain complete control over the entire Supplier Invoice handling process with the innovative, efficient, and cost-effective ivi AP Automation Solution!
  • Achieve immediate cost and time savings for the business and reduce the total cost of operations!
  • Integrate the automated functionality of the ivi AP Automation Solution with your back-end systems quickly and easily!
  • Go paperless and touchless from Day 1 eradicating manual business processes and freeing up your Employees’ time to focus on more value-added and rewarding activities!
  • Migrate your Suppliers to true e-Invoicing and self-service!
  • Increase the efficiency of processing PO, non-PO, and recurring Supplier Invoices!
  • Achieve best in class financial administration excellence with reduced complexity!
  • Improve approval times and payment cycles, minimize error handling, capture early payment discounts and avoid late payment fees, and ensure regulatory compliance and fraud prevention!
  • Maximize your profitability and turn your AP function into a profit centre!